Oversize Silo Transportation

Delivery of oversize storage silos from Tunisia to Kent avoiding the normal routes.

The Challenge
We were asked by our client to move seven large silos and associated equipment from Sfax, Tunisia to the new ‘Wheelabrator’ Kemsley waste-to-energy-plant in Kent. Because of the silos’ large sizes it was not going to be posisble to easliy move them across the UK road network which immediately ruled out landing at the usual ports of call situated on standard shipping lanes.

The Solution

With two years of planning and many partners and stakeholders involved in various locations across the UK and Europe, we were able find solutions to every challenge this project presented. We worked in close cooperation with Ridham Docks Authority and they agreed to make several infrastructure changes at their site to enable us to exit the docks without issue. This included constructing a new exit gate that was large enough while remaining mindful of the proximity of HT overhead power cables and transformers. We also had to work within safety clearances that were specified by the National Grid.

We ensured that all cargo arrived in the UK on a weekend to minimise disruption to local business and the surrounding area. We worked closely with local contractors to organise the removal and reinstallation of all street furniture on the private road between Ridham Docks and the job site at Kemsley.

The Results

As a result, the efforts made by the whole SLS team, the detailed planning put in place, and with the cooperation of many local stakeholders, we were able to smoothly overcome limitations as well as local tides to ensure the efficient delivery of these large silos.

Detailed planning helped to minimise the carbon footprint of the journey, making it as efficient and direct as possible. Importantly we were able to deliver the huge silos and associated equipment on time and within budget, with the minimum of disruption.

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“We were very satisfied with the delivery of our cargo, it was handled on time and within budget.
Philippe Toussaint, LAB S.A.